Pantyho’s 4th Anniversary Party

This is the very last Pantyho’s ever! After 4 years of a spectacular all gender queer dance performance/music/dance party, Sarah Jenny and Krystal interview and record some of the event’s final moments in this commemorative vlog. Beware as neither one of us are video editors. We hope to obtain further Final Cut skills to eventually go back and clean up this piece substantially. Without further ado….the video. Share → Tweet

Die My Darling

This is a video created for Comm Lab with Calli Higgins, Lucas Zavala, Krystal Banzon, and Lisa Maria. They were amazing to work with and I am really pleased with how our project turned out. You can watch below: Die My Darling from Calli Higgins on Vimeo. Share → Tweet

PComp Week 2 Lab

In Week 2 of Physical Computing, I learned how to use a potentiometer! Assignment: In this lab, you’ll learn how to connect a variable resistor to a microcontroller and read it as an analog input. You’ll be able to read changing conditions from the physical world and convert them to changing variables in a program. Work: Share → Tweet

30 Minute Film Festival

In our second week of Comm Lab, we were asked to create a narrative video in 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of editing time. Below is what my group collectively created: Click to play Share → Tweet