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  1. Die My Darling

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    This is a video created for Comm Lab with Calli Higgins, Lucas Zavala, Krystal Banzon, and Lisa Maria. They were amazing to work with and I am really pleased with how our project turned out. You can watch below:

    Die My Darling from Calli Higgins on Vimeo.

  2. Storyboard for Video Project

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    This will be a 3-5 minute film that explores the ideas of paranoia and fear in a psychological thriller. There will be no dialogue; rather the natural sounds of her actions along with her whimsical singing will create the soundtrack. We start by following a young, paranoid woman as she walks home, looking over her shoulder, and clecnhing her hands. Her walk eventually breaks into a slow run and she eventually finds solace in the foyer of her building, pressing her back against the glass for the camera to see her take a deep breath. We follow her as she uncomfortably rides the elevator with a neighbor, and we watch her carefully walk into her apartment. Here, she beings to relax. She drops her keys, kicks off her shoes, and takes off her dress while still building tension for the audience. She begins to draw a bath that runs while she abruptly and chillingly chops vegetables for dinner. While doing this, she sings a whimsical song to herself that loops through the rest of the movie, eventually incorporating thrashing bangs as the intensity increases.

    While chopping vegetables, she cuts herself and we watch blood flow out of her finger, staining the water. She sucks on her finger and takes another deep breath. After throwing the vegetables into the pan to sauté, she enters her steaming bath. We watch her relax, a jarring cut between uncomfortable and abrupt chopping scenes to long, relaxed, out of focused motions as she washes herself and shaves her legs.  An overhead shot sees her relax, only to open her eyes and suddenly realize that the window is open. She quickly jumps up in the bath and slams in shut. Putting on a robe (as seen through the foggy bathroom mirror), she enters the kitchen to begin eating her dinner. Close up’s show her cutting and spearing her vegetables, closely putting them into her mouth. Finally relaxed, a wide shot shows her eating her dinner, plate in hand, while flipping through a magazine. As the camera pans out, we see the foot of a dead man sticking out from a closet. We suddenly realize that she is not paranoid because someone is following her, she is paranoid because we, the viewer, are aware of what she is doing. The final shot shows her looking directly into the camera, smiling, recognizing that we are both aware of each other’s presence. “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads begins to play as credits are rolled.

    Project by Calli Higgins, Lucas Zavala, Lisa Maria, Krystal Banzon and Sarah Jenny.