SWOP-NYC Announces Partnership with Uganda-based WONETHA

SWOP-NYC is pleased to announce a partnership in solidarity with Uganda-based Women’s Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA). You can learn more about WONETHA here and here. Women’s Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA) is a Ugandan sex worker led organization established in August 2008 by 3 passionate and determined sexworkers who have faced harassment, insults, stigma, discrimination and arrest without trial by misinformed societies and who have been stirred into responsive action concerning the plight of other sexworkers in the same working conditions. Macklean Kyomya, Daisy Nakato,... Read The Rest →

SMS Resources for Sex Workers in New York City

Mobile Media Midterm Synopsis For the midterm project, Matt Swenson and Sarah Jenny created an SMS-based resource for those in the sex trade (including those who engage in sex work by choice or circumstance as well as those who are in the sex trade under coercive circumstances such as trafficking). Users the phrase “nyhelp” and their New York City zipcode to 41411 and receive the contact information for the closest social service provider. (Example: 41411 nyhelp 10003) The resource list was carefully crafted after consulting the PROS Network, a coalition... Read The Rest →

Midpoint Assignment

Midpoint assignment: Present your idea(s) for a final project in 5 minutes. You should have a draft problem statement, goal statement and should describe the type of project you want to pursue. As your problem statement should be a social or political problem, you will take this issue on as your case study for the rest of the semester, tracking developments, news and related projects. You will hereafter be required to update the class twice before the end of the semester on your issue and your project. Problem Statement Sex... Read The Rest →

Sex Work Issues and the State Legislative Process

Sex Work Issues and the State Legislative Process Tuesday , February 23rd, 6:00pm-8:30pm Large Conference Room, Urban Justice Center 123 William St., 16th Fl New York, NY 10038 Ask most people about government and they tend to talk about their federal representatives, the White House, or maybe the Mayor. But the state government may have the most significant impacts on our daily lives, particularly in the realm of criminal justice. This two hour seminar is presented via a partnership of Sex Work Awareness and the Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers... Read The Rest →

Prototype for an SMS-based Bad Date List

Bad Date Lists have been around for a long time. These lists, which typically manifest as handwritten or printouts of information about bad dates (explained in a moment) gathered by outreach workers as well as sex workers, have been the primary form of distributing the data. In recent years, password-protected website forums and email listservs have also served to disseminate information. In terms of sex work, a bad date refers to a client or law officer (who may also be a client) who has wronged the sex worker in some... Read The Rest →

Memorial for Catherine Lique

Memorial for Catherine Lique, 2009 12″ x 12″ x 2″ Plexiglass, LEDs, electronics, audio recording This interactive installation appears as a mirror to the viewer. When they step on the pressure sensor, a microcontroller triggers LED lights to backlight the lightbox, revealing the image of Catherine Lique, a sex worker who was killed in 2003. The accompanying audio piece, a first person narrative, tells the story of the life and death of Ms. Lique. The audio, also triggered by the sensor, is programmed to play through Processing. The narrative was... Read The Rest →

Sex Workers Rights are Human Rights!

Join us for a Speak-Out & Arts Evening! Celebrating International Human Rights Day December 10th Featuring: Performance Artist, Ignacio Rivera Performance Artist, Damien Luxe Guitarist, K. Stone Political Artwork by Empower Thailand Andrea Ritchie, M.C. for the night And more! Where: NYU, 19 University Place, in the Great Room What time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm What day: Thurs., Dec. 10th Sponsored by: Sex Workers Action Network (SWANK) Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-NYC) MADRE $pread Magazine Best Practices Policy Project (BPPP) Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) WITNESS Share → Tweet

International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers 2009

December 17 th is Internation al Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Join us in honoring the lives of sex workers and celebrating our communities with a candlelit vigil. Come add your voice to the call to end violence against sex workers at our community speak-out. Speakers will include community organizers, peer educators, advocates, artists. . . and YOU? Where: Metropolitan Community Church 446 West 36th Street, Manhattan When: Thursday December 17th, 8:00pm – 10:00pm Metrocards available. Please wear red! For more information, please contact swank@riseup.net or 212.714.1184 x50 Sponsored by: Sex... Read The Rest →

PComp and ICM Final Project Idea

I am interested in combining my new found knowledge base in computational media (Processing) and physical computing (Arduino) to create an interactive art installation for December 17th, The International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. My initial plan has been to gather the stories and photographs (high res) of the murder victims of Gary Ridgway (aka the Green River Killer). I am also interested collecting images and stories of other sex worker victims of violent crime for this project. I am also looking for footage from December 17th events,... Read The Rest →

Sex Workers Blow Spitzer a Farewell Kiss – March 2008

New York, NY - In the wake of former Governor Spitzer’s resignation, sex workers and human rights advocates remain concerned about the representation and future of “Kristen” and other sex workers, who do not have the legal and social privileges that will be afforded to Mr. Spitzer.

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