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  1. ICM and PComp Final Project in Progress

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    Memorial for Catherine

    This piece is in progress. It is an interactive installation which will also have an audio recording (narrative) triggered by the same sensor that triggers the lights. The first person narrative will reveal the life and death of Catherine, a sex worker murdered in 2003.

    This series will be an ongoing memorial for sex workers who have been victims of violence.

    The first draft will be completed on December 17th, 2009 to coincide with the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

  2. Serial Duplex using an Arduino

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    In this lab assignment, I used two sensors (photo resistor and potentiometer) and one switch (button) to control a “ball” in Processing. I had difficulty getting it to work at first, but Jason helped me re-map each sensor. The photo resistor was only going up to about 16 so we mapped it 0-16. The potentiometer went up to 1023 so I re-mapped it to 0-1023. The result was interesting as you can see in the video while I interact with the different sensors. The potentiometer controlled the “Y” access (up + down) in smooth, predictable motions as the pot is easy to control. The photo cell is much less predictable and you can see how interacting with it controlling the “X access (left and right) produced really erratic motions.

    Here is a photo my breadboard and Arduino setup:


  3. ICM – Week 2 Assignment


    Molly and I worked together to combine her skyscape with my abstract birds and created a skyscape with moving clouds and birds.

    To view our work, please click here.