SMS Based Application Helpful for ITP

I think a useful application would allow Matt Berger and whomever else accepts packages in the front to ping students via SMS to let them know when a package has arrived. The student would have to reply to say whether or not they’ve picked up the package (using some sort of tag like Y or N) and if they haven’t within three days, it would automatically ping them again. Share → Tweet

30 Minute Film Festival

In our second week of Comm Lab, we were asked to create a narrative video in 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of editing time. Below is what my group collectively created: Click to play Share → Tweet

Graduate School: Two Weeks In

I can’t believe it. Time is already flying! I am two weeks into graduate school and already learning quite a bit as well as feeling overwhelmed orienting myself and absorbing all the new information and skills. This feeling shouldn’t necessarily be perceived as negative, however. I am thinking about projects I want to work on while here. I am remembering Kara Lynch, the co-chair of my Division III, at Hampshire suggesting I create light boxes for the mixed media pieces in my thesis (Division III) project and feeling like it... Read The Rest →


Week 1: Homework: Processing Sketch. In our first week, we learned basic processing. I created a sketch using a variety of shapes, colors, and opacities. The course is taught by Daniel Shiffman. Share → Tweet