Best Clinical Practices & Policies Working with Sex Worker Populations

Columbia University School of Social Work Feminist Caucus | Queer Caucus | Men’s Caucus in collaboration with PROS Network (Providers & Resources Offering Services to Sex Workers) presents… BEST CLINICAL PRACTICES & POLICIES WORKING WITH SEX WORKER POPULATIONS Facebook Invite: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2011 8:00 – 9:30PM 1255 Amsterdam Ave, Room C03 Learn about the “No Condoms as Evidence” Bill, How to be Competent and Sensitive Providers to a Population on the Margins, Harm Reduction Strategies for Effective Engagement *This event is being held in recognition of March 3rd: International... Read The Rest →

SWOP-NYC Announces Partnership with Uganda-based WONETHA

SWOP-NYC is pleased to announce a partnership in solidarity with Uganda-based Women’s Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA). You can learn more about WONETHA here and here. Women’s Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA) is a Ugandan sex worker led organization established in August 2008 by 3 passionate and determined sexworkers who have faced harassment, insults, stigma, discrimination and arrest without trial by misinformed societies and who have been stirred into responsive action concerning the plight of other sexworkers in the same working conditions. Macklean Kyomya, Daisy Nakato,... Read The Rest →

SWANK Overdose Prevention and Response Training

SWANK Overdose Prevention and Response Training Wednesday, May 12 @ 7pm – 9pm Location upon RSVP This event is open to SWOP-NYC and SWANK members only. RSVP to by May 7th. Cover: FREE Facilitated by Stephen Crowe, Harm Reduction Coordinator, FROST’D Heroin (and other opioid) overdoses are a common cause of death among users, yet these deaths are often preventable through education, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and when possible, through the administration of Naloxone (Narcan). In this workshop, participants will start by learning the essentials of preventing opioid overdose deaths including... Read The Rest →

Midpoint Assignment

Midpoint assignment: Present your idea(s) for a final project in 5 minutes. You should have a draft problem statement, goal statement and should describe the type of project you want to pursue. As your problem statement should be a social or political problem, you will take this issue on as your case study for the rest of the semester, tracking developments, news and related projects. You will hereafter be required to update the class twice before the end of the semester on your issue and your project. Problem Statement Sex... Read The Rest →

Processing Midterm

So I made this for my midterm project after having a breakdown over trying to “visualize” and “map” data — specifically, HIV transmissions statistics. I learned I was not yet ready for such an epic undertaking and decided to try something fun….so fun I had! Check out my animation here. Original Midterm Idea Goal: To display HIV transmission statistics comparing countries with needle exchange programs and countries that to not offer needle exchange programs and harm reduction education in IDUs (injecting drug users) in a visually compelling way. Statistics: More... Read The Rest →