Sutainable DIY New Media

In 2007, my colleague Damien and I presented at Women, Action and the Media! at M.I.T. a workshop entitled Sustainable DIY New Media. I’ve just come across the presentation in its entirety on video. Presenters: Sarah Jenny Bleviss, new media artist, social justice advocate, former blogger, and web developer for $pread Magazine Axon Damien Luxe, DIY media-maker, electro performer, art director, and event curator, aka Hadassah Hill The goal of this presentation is to relay vital, how-to new media strategies for people with limited to moderate internet experience and no... Read The Rest →

After Effects Project

I’ve always had a penchant for victorian aesthetics…and feminism. So for this project, I decided to make an animation to accompany a song called “Sister O Sisters” by Le Tigre with Yoko Ono. I decided to put this young victorian woman in various situations where she “sings” along with the song. While the image originally depicted the young girl at a beach shouting, I imagined her more shouting in protest. Some of the scenarios I had in mind included amongst lower east side immigrant women at the fin de siecle,... Read The Rest →