PComp and ICM Final Project Idea

I am interested in combining my new found knowledge base in computational media (Processing) and physical computing (Arduino) to create an interactive art installation for December 17th, The International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. My initial plan has been to gather the stories and photographs (high res) of the murder victims of Gary Ridgway (aka the Green River Killer). I am also interested collecting images and stories of other sex worker victims of violent crime for this project. I am also looking for footage from December 17th events,... Read The Rest →

Tree Museum

Last weekend I went up to the Bronx for the first time in years. I made my way up to the Grand Concourse, a beautiful roadway that used to house largely Jews and other Eastern European immigrants in immense tudor style apartment buildings. I chose a stretch of the museum around a small park off the concourse. Initially i had difficulty finding the trees. The placards were small and on the ground and not particularly intuitive to find. Even though I had a map on my phone, I spent a... Read The Rest →