Midterm Proposal

For my midterm project, I will design the ┬ámobile interface for my thesis project. I will work on the wireframe in the interim and start building out the design for the midterm. The final project will be the fully functional app. My thesis is tentatively titled Project Y.E.S. Project Y.E.S. (Youth, Empowerment & Sexuality) is a mobile web app HIV education tool targeting New York City youth.. Through education and awareness, Project Y.E.S. aims to increase knowledge, increase HIV testing, and decrease HIV related stigma. Share → Tweet

An Intriguing Mobile Web App

On my hunt for finding an intriguing mobile web app for class, I realized how conflated the language is between mobile web and mobile apps. It has been so confusing, I am at a loss for how to distinguish between the two. However, I have attempted to find said intriguing mobile web app and discovered something I found immensely practical: CarFinder. Neosistec’s CarFinder for Blackberry is supposed to make finding where you parked your car a simple task and save you from the headaches of searching block after block. It... Read The Rest →