If These Products Could Tell Their Stories – NYC Condom – Final Project

Stakeholder Analysis Sourcemap Lifecycle Analysis Research Sources: Section 1 and Section 2 Sustainable Minds comparison Re-visioning of the product service system View a quick comparison on Sustainable Minds by clicking the image below Re-visioning the Product Service System Greatest Environmental Leverage for Change: Utilize recyclable materials for packaging. “According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an estimated 10.4 billion male condoms were used worldwide in 2005.” (Source: Avert) According to one study, developing nations alone will need 18.6 billion condoms in 2015. That adds up to millions of pounds... Read The Rest →

Condoms and Sustainable Product Design

The NYC Condom program was launched February 14, 2007. The program distributes more than 3 million condoms each month throughout the five boroughs to various locations free of charge. Condoms are a barrier used primarily during sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STI transmission. Condoms have been manufactured out of a variety of materials for centuries, however rubber condoms were first used in 1855 and the modern latex condoms were were first used 1920. Due to latex sensitivities and the less effective nature of sheepskin, alternatives to latex were... Read The Rest →

Clothing, Textiles & Garment Life Cycle Analysis

Update: I will be focus on a Leg Avenue brand of hosiery. I decided to focus on the clothing/textiles/garment industry as the research subject for the rest of the semester. It holds a certain power for me as my maternal lineage consists of tailors, seamstresses, and shoemakers. A common history for Ashkenazim who fled Eastern Europe, my great grandparents settled in the Lower East Side where my great grandmother was a garment industry worker at the notorious Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. As someone who rarely buys “new” clothing (my wardrobe has... Read The Rest →

An interview with a local foods consumer

For this assignment, I interviewed my friend Carmichael who is a 4th street co-op member & has sold local food.  She works at Angelica’s Kitchen, a vegan restaurant that buys local food whenever possible. She would not use the word locavore to describe herself even though this is the term used in our assignment. Carmichael noted that it is nearly, if not simply, impossible to be a “locavore” in New York City. One would only be able to eat locally while food is available in the region. My interview is... Read The Rest →

Product Life Cycle Analysis: Flat Panel Display Monitors

“Human health and ecological toxicity potentials due to heavy metal content in waste electronic devices with flat panel displays” Journal of Hazardous Materials What were the system boundaries chosen by the authors of the study? What life cycle stage had the greatest impact? This study focused specifically on CRTs and LCDs, as used for computer desktop displays. These devices are known for their heavy metal components which eventually turn into gas and are deposited into the water. Apparently what turns into ash then leaches into the water, so inevitably all... Read The Rest →