Final Project: PROS Network Services Finder App for Android and Mobile Web

Abstract PROS Network Services Finder is a mobile website / Android application that provides a listing of harm reduction services for sex workers in New York City based on GPS location information. The current services listings are organized under the following categories: harm reduction and syringe exchanges, shelters, legal services, youth services, advocacy and support services. In the next version, the application will include a two-way “bad date list” feature as well as the ability to report instances of violence with a focus on combating police violence. Problem Statement Sex... Read The Rest →

SMS Resources for Sex Workers in New York City

Mobile Media Midterm Synopsis For the midterm project, Matt Swenson and Sarah Jenny created an SMS-based resource for those in the sex trade (including those who engage in sex work by choice or circumstance as well as those who are in the sex trade under coercive circumstances such as trafficking). Users the phrase “nyhelp” and their New York City zipcode to 41411 and receive the contact information for the closest social service provider. (Example: 41411 nyhelp 10003) The resource list was carefully crafted after consulting the PROS Network, a coalition... Read The Rest →

Midterm Project Idea

I have been thinking about my midterm project for Mobile Media and have Continue working on the Bad Date List project. Incorporate GPS capabilities so users can text in to find resources such as health and social services, and harm reduction facilities for condoms and needle exchange. Collaborate with Matt Swenson to centralize resources for victims of labor trafficking based on geo-location. Develop a tool for real time citizen journalism and propose a collaboration with NYC IndyMedia. News would be sent in via mobile devices and could include audio, video,... Read The Rest →

Prototype for an SMS-based Bad Date List

Bad Date Lists have been around for a long time. These lists, which typically manifest as handwritten or printouts of information about bad dates (explained in a moment) gathered by outreach workers as well as sex workers, have been the primary form of distributing the data. In recent years, password-protected website forums and email listservs have also served to disseminate information. In terms of sex work, a bad date refers to a client or law officer (who may also be a client) who has wronged the sex worker in some... Read The Rest →

SMS Based Application Helpful for ITP

I think a useful application would allow Matt Berger and whomever else accepts packages in the front to ping students via SMS to let them know when a package has arrived. The student would have to reply to say whether or not they’ve picked up the package (using some sort of tag like Y or N) and if they haven’t within three days, it would automatically ping them again. Share → Tweet