Memorial for Catherine Lique

Memorial for Catherine Lique, 2009 12″ x 12″ x 2″ Plexiglass, LEDs, electronics, audio recording This interactive installation appears as a mirror to the viewer. When they step on the pressure sensor, a microcontroller triggers LED lights to backlight the lightbox, revealing the image of Catherine Lique, a sex worker who was killed in 2003. The accompanying audio piece, a first person narrative, tells the story of the life and death of Ms. Lique. The audio, also triggered by the sensor, is programmed to play through Processing. The narrative was... Read The Rest →

ICM and PComp Final Project in Progress

Memorial for Catherine This piece is in progress. It is an interactive installation which will also have an audio recording (narrative) triggered by the same sensor that triggers the lights. The first person narrative will reveal the life and death of Catherine, a sex worker murdered in 2003. This series will be an ongoing memorial for sex workers who have been victims of violence. The first draft will be completed on December 17th, 2009 to coincide with the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Share → Tweet

Feedback on Final from ICM

Feedback from ICM class on my final: Use first person narrative for audio clip Alternative lighting using a clip lamp being shown from behind Use a halogen lamp from underneath Christmas lights en masse? EL (Electroluminscent) paper. Perhaps print directly on it or put it right behind mirror Using a servo motor to move image farther away or closer to frosted glass front panel “Bar 98” has glass that changes from frosted to clear when it receives electrical charge. Explore this? Share → Tweet

Final Project Progress

I have made some progress on my final project. I was able to get three feet of LEDs (300 LEDs per 5 meter, if I understand correctly.) They are pretty bright white, stark even. I will be able to make a cut at any two inch point and rewire and solder to power and ground. The LED strips were pretty expensive at almost $20/foot. I purchased three feet.

PComp and ICM Final Project Idea

I am interested in combining my new found knowledge base in computational media (Processing) and physical computing (Arduino) to create an interactive art installation for December 17th, The International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. My initial plan has been to gather the stories and photographs (high res) of the murder victims of Gary Ridgway (aka the Green River Killer). I am also interested collecting images and stories of other sex worker victims of violent crime for this project. I am also looking for footage from December 17th events,... Read The Rest →

Processing Midterm

So I made this for my midterm project after having a breakdown over trying to “visualize” and “map” data — specifically, HIV transmissions statistics. I learned I was not yet ready for such an epic undertaking and decided to try something fun….so fun I had! Check out my animation here. Original Midterm Idea Goal: To display HIV transmission statistics comparing countries with needle exchange programs and countries that to not offer needle exchange programs and harm reduction education in IDUs (injecting drug users) in a visually compelling way. Statistics: More... Read The Rest →

ICM – Week 2 Assignment

Molly and I worked together to combine her skyscape with my abstract birds and created a skyscape with moving clouds and birds. To view our work, please click here. Share → Tweet


Week 1: Homework: Processing Sketch. In our first week, we learned basic processing. I created a sketch using a variety of shapes, colors, and opacities. The course is taught by Daniel Shiffman. Share → Tweet