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  1. PHASE – Design for UNICEF Final Project

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    PHASE is a web community designed to connect NGO users with the information they need. We propose creating a website that expedites the flow of information by relief workers on the ground to outsource tasks that require specialized technology skills to complete. By doing so, relief workers’ capacity to work efficiently is increased.

    This project was developed at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in the course Design for UNICEF taught by John Dimatos. Project leads are Sarah Jenny Bleviss, Joshua Kleiner, and Nancy Change.

    Please view our presentation:

  2. Sutainable DIY New Media

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    In 2007, my colleague Damien and I presented at Women, Action and the Media! at M.I.T. a workshop entitled Sustainable DIY New Media. I’ve just come across the presentation in its entirety on video.


    Sarah Jenny Bleviss, new media artist, social justice advocate, former blogger, and web developer for $pread Magazine
    Axon Damien Luxe, DIY media-maker, electro performer, art director, and event curator, aka Hadassah Hill

    The goal of this presentation is to relay vital, how-to new media strategies for people with limited to moderate internet experience and no to moderate capital. We will cover specifics on how to use the web to establish an internet presence for an existing cause or how to create a project founded in new media, using web 1.0 HTML page building skills, and web 2.0 capabilities such as broadcasting and social networking to foster community and action. We will focus on utilizing shareware and freeware to ensure that access to programs is as economically obstacle-free as possible. All participants will leave the presentation with a knowledge bank and insight into how to utilize this medium to increase their visibility, as well as hands-on skills and online resources.

  3. Design For UNICEF: Design Challenge 1

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    In our first design challenge, our team proposed several innovative ideas to address problems UNICEF, aid workers, and those in need of aid experience. You can view our presentation below.

  4. Design for UNICEF: Design Challenge

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    In this design challenge, each team was asked to create three solutions to design problems in disaster scenarios that involves a Nokia 1100 phone and a wireless FM receiver. My team and I came up with the following solutions. Watch the presentation to review.