After Effects Project

I’ve always had a penchant for victorian aesthetics…and feminism. So for this project, I decided to make an animation to accompany a song called “Sister O Sisters” by Le Tigre with Yoko Ono. I decided to put this young victorian woman in various situations where she “sings” along with the song. While the image originally depicted the young girl at a beach shouting, I imagined her more shouting in protest. Some of the scenarios I had in mind included amongst lower east side immigrant women at the fin de siecle,... Read The Rest →

Die My Darling

This is a video created for Comm Lab with Calli Higgins, Lucas Zavala, Krystal Banzon, and Lisa Maria. They were amazing to work with and I am really pleased with how our project turned out. You can watch below: Die My Darling from Calli Higgins on Vimeo. Share → Tweet

Experimental Audio

Assignment: In teams of two create a 1-minute sound piece in any of the environments we looked at. Again, this piece should can be environmental, create space or mood, tell a story through sound. Upload it to your site in mp3. Bring either the audacity or soundtrack files with all tracks to class. Product: I teamed up with the very lovely Alex Vessels to work on this project. Neither one of us had a background in audio production but we had ideas for the environments we wanted to collect sounds... Read The Rest →

Site Redesign

Our assignment was to redesign our blog. I decided to update my theme and use some of own graphics for the interface. Share → Tweet

Who owns the rights to this man’s struggle?

In the age of digital re/production, our ability to inexpensively and easily recreate and alter works of art created by others is a complicated matter. In capialist societies, this issue goes far beyond attribution and credit to financial responsibilities to the original artist. It is hard for me to argue for free and fair use for all when most artists so rarely are compensated for their work and striving for economic stability and success is something most can identify with in capitalist societies. However, I strongly believe in free access... Read The Rest →

Response to The Machine Stops

How depressing a world without nature, without human touch and interaction. I can barely fathom such a world. A world devoid of warm, dense and pugent earth, of soft skin and rough hands. Maybe we are already living in a world not entirely unlike the one Forster portrays. This dystopian fantasy addresses classical human dynamics in an absurdly [post]modern world. Our integration with technology has already started: “…she did not notice the noise, for she had been born with it in her ears.” (p. 5) I wonder what the effects... Read The Rest →

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